We know you have questions… and we’ve got answers!

Why have I never heard of kloppen?

Why have we never heard of you? Now that you’re here, let’s get to know each other!

Are you an agency?

Nope. Although we can facilitate shoots for our corporate and editorial clients, we do not typically solicit work for models.

Why do you only work with guys?

There are lots of individuals and companies focused on female models. We decided a long time ago to specialize in males.

Why do you not have a bunch of photos of models on your website?

Again, we’re not an agency. This site is for informational purposes and not intended to be used for casting models.

How do I get managed by kloppen?

We only enter in management deals with a select few models every year – typically guys we “discovered” or guys we believe have strong potential.

Am I going to have to do porn?

No! Of course, we won’t judge you if you choose to get into that kind of work – but it won’t be because of us.

How old do I have to be?

We work exclusively with guys aged 16 to 25. (If you’re 16 or 17 you will need parental consent.)

How tall do I have to be?

We’re not obsessed with height because we are not involved in runway modelling. However, if you hope to sign with an agency, you’re going to have to meet certain height specifications.

How do I know I will be safe working with you?

kloppen has earned a solid reputation for professionalism and respect in the past 20 years. Our chief photographer and creative director has been vetted and licensed three times by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and has passed criminal background checks by the RCMP.

I’ve heard it’s a sketchy industry. How do you protect models?

First, we never do any kind of shoot without providing you with a Model Release. This is standard in the industry among professionals and spells out how your images can be used by the copyright holder. Plus, if we manage you, we review and negotiate Model Releases on your behalf to ensure you are working with true professionals who are not planning to exploit your image.