Since 1997*, kloppen has photographed and promoted more than 100 young men from cities across Canada. We have earned a reputation for being professional and respectful.

Because kloppen is not involved in runway modelling, we can work with guys who are shorter, or look a little different, than typical male models.

But, what sets us apart the most is that kloppen is not an agency and never charges models for the services we provide. That’s right – there are never fees for portfolios, test shoots or anything else we do. Plus, there are no long-term contracts to sign.

kloppen‘s chief photographer and creative director is John R. Kennedy, one of Canada’s top celebrity photographers whose images are published worldwide, including by GQ, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Hello! and People.

• • •

“John was amazing to work with and always kept things professional but could still make it a fun experience. He helped me understand the industry and figure out the direction I wish to take my career going forward.” – Ben W.

“You’re an amazing photographer! Loved working with you. Made me feel very comfortable as a model.” – Tal B.

“It was wonderful to work with someone so personable and professional when starting out in the industry.” – Josh B.

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with John and the experience from the beginning to the end was awesome. He is respectful and open minded. The session was fluid and fun.” – Miguel E.

“John is an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s knowledgeable about the industry and, whether you are an experienced or brand new model, he will provide you with exactly what you need. Above all he does so in a comfortable and professional manner.”-  Stephen K.

“I was afraid modelling would be a heartless world but [John] made me smile the brightest I ever have.” – Andrew P.

• • •

We invest in guys we believe in and we collect “finder fees” and other revenue strictly from our clients when they use one of our models in their corporate, editorial or artistic projects.

kloppen has no bricks-and-mortar office/studio and no employees (everyone on the team maintains other jobs in the media, fashion and sales industries) so we’re able to keep operating costs low.

* kloppen previously operated under different names and briefly ceased operations in 2017 in order to reinvent itself amidst significant changes in the industry.